Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos of Dentistry done by Dr. Kim


                   Before                                                               After
This senior patient was never comfortable wearing her denture.  She chose to have several implants placed in her lower jaw.  The patient is now able to eat all the foods she enjoys without concern of pain or movement of her old denture.  She is also aesthetically pleased with her new beautiful smile.


                Before                                   After

This young man’s front teeth were damaged during a hockey game. His left front tooth was
damaged beyond repair. It was extracted and an implant was placed in its place. His right
front tooth was saved and restored with a crown.

               Before                                      After
This patient’s right canine tooth broke off.  The remaining root was extracted and an implant was
placed in its place.

               Before                                       After
This patient lost lower front teeth to infection. Two implants were placed and
restored with 4-unit bridge
                     Before                                                After
                   Before                                                After 
                   Before                                                 After


                     Before                                              After
Bonding for Children Bonding can restore chipped or broken teeth.
           Before                       After 

         Before                            After   

         Before                          After          
     Before                          After
Bonding for Adultsstains, gaps and misshapen teeth can be fixed instantly.
                   Before                                               After
                 Before                                           After
                Before                                       After
        Before                                 After          
         Before                       After